Scanks Edit

Scanks are some mixtures of scorchers and tanks. Scanks are the kings of removing rocket launchers and shock launchers. As I am writing this I just took a break to capture a resource base that had 22 rocket launchers with scanks. This is a powerful combination, but also an expensive one. For maximum efficiency you want to keep GBE cost low and DPS high. This means you should be losing your scorchers basically every attack. This combination is great for rocket heavy resource bases and operation bases. Occasionally, Gearheart has a first attack where scanks are the way to go. Tmedics are almost always superior for player bases and Dr. Terror.

Strengths Edit

* Rocket Launchers!!!

* Shock Launchers

* Mortars

* Lazors

* Small numbers of boom cannon

* Cannon

* Snipers

Weaknesses Edit

* Shock Blasters

* Flame Throwers

* Doom Cannon

Combinations Edit

* Use 2-3 scorchers and the rest tanks

Tactics Edit

* It costs a lot of GBE to deploy scanks so be careful

* The best use of scanks is to have the scorchers absorb rocket damage while the tanks destroy defenses.

Examples Edit

Scanks vs Rockets-0

Scanks vs Rockets-0