Hookas Edit

Hookas are a combination of heavies and zookas. They are the first combination of troops that we see that is useful for very long. Hookas are considered to be an early to middle game troop combination. In the late stages of the game there are better options for player bases, most resource bases cannot be won with hookas, Dr Terror 6 and 7 can only rarely be won with hookas, Gearhart laughs at hookas because of all of the lazors, and the high boosts on the operation bases means that you only get about 10-20 seconds of life from your heavies.

Strengths Edit

  • Shock Launchers
  • Machine Guns
  • Mortars

Weaknesses Edit

  • Lazors
  • Rocket Launchers

Combinations Edit

You need to deploy far more zookas than you do heavies. Normally people deploy either:

  • 4 landing craft of heavies and 4 of zookas. 29,016 damage per second and 124,824 HP.
  • 3 landing craft of heavies and 5 of zookas.
  • 3 landing craft of heavies and 4 of zookas.

Tactics Edit

  • When attacking a Rocket Launcher with hookas you must shock it. If you do not the heavies will go into the rockets blind spot and the rocket will kill the zookas in one barrage.
  • When attacking a group of rockets some times it is possible to flare a point in the middle were you can get your zookas inside all of the rocket's blind spots. Just be careful not to flare on the rocket.
  • When attacking a lazor with hookas you must shock the lazor or it will kill your zookas.
  • Hookas are a good troop combination to attack shock launchers with. The shock will shock the heavies right in front of it and ignore the zookas that are destroying it.