Dioxin Edit

  • Dioxin has no shield.
  • Dioxin basically never requires clearing hits by boosted team and thus is almost always a solo opportunity
  • Dioxin is probably the hardest base (or at least one of the hardest bases) that the best players consider to be an easy solo. The standard hit requires one precise flare, one well timed flare and one flare that needs to be well timed and precisely placed. At the core you normally have to hit 4 shocks one of them is a hard shock (the 4 mortars) and two are of medium difficulty. That said though once you learn this hit well it can be repeated nearly every time.

The Standard Hit Edit

  • The hit point is from 7 o'clock
  • Normally 4 shocks but I have seen as many as 7
  • Note in the video the timing of the flare on the core. If you are late on this flare your zookas will spread and you will need 2 smokes to cover them
Open Landing Hot Landing
Barrage 1 1
Artillery 2 2
Smoke 7 9
Flares 4 4
GBE to Core 67 86


  • The smoke counts above are for a single ending smoke. If you are going to use 2 smokes at the end add one to the smoke count
  • The hot landing above is for the normal dioxin hot landing. If there are rockets on the left too add one smoke
609% Health)

609% Health)